04 Jul 2008

Gent by Honeywell, Leicester

Philip and Matthew recently completed a business improvement project for RDI Consultants Ltd, Coventry. RDI's client is Gent by Honeywell, part of the global business Honeywell. Philip and Matthew facilitated two programmes of continuous improvement training for the company's workforce. The following results have been achieved by Gent by Honeywell, following completion of the programmes.

  • 35% Reduction in change over times
  • 55% Reduction in product travel distances
  • 40% Reduction in inventory due to reduced cycle times

To see the energy and enthusiasm that people put into changing processes for the better is incredibly uplifting. In Addition the maturity of the solutions that we see from the workforce everyday and the fact that during coaching sessions there is an absolute understanding of the language and of the need for change we now feel able to move forward at pace. I have complete confidence that the improvements we enjoy are sustainable because they are being driven and owned by the staff unlike the historic short term success lead purely by management and engineering.' Steve Rames, Operations Director, Gent by Honeywell, Leicester UK

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