We provide executive coaching to support individuals develop their leadership and management skills. Each year we work with over 30 newly qualified post-graduates starting out on their careers. We are highly experienced at coaching and supporting individuals in their life long development.

We design and deliver bespoke leadership development and executive coaching support to organisations including public companies, not for profit, and government. We work in partnership with our clients to provide the maximum benefit for their investment. We work with senior executive teams as well as front line leaders.

We know that the potential for leadership exists in all of us. The starting point is to help develop a higher level of self-awareness. Successful leaders are self-aware and constantly seek to understand the impact of their intentions on others. They use this feedback to change or modify their behaviours to help them be more effective.

How we can help you

Use our experience to support your efforts to bring about greater business performance.

We can help you by:

  • Working with you to design and create development programmes
  • Developing high performing business leadership teams
  • Facilitating strategic workshops
  • Coaching your leadership talent

The team is able to provide the following psychometric and profiling instruments:

  • MBTI®
  • 16PF5®
  • FIRO-B®
  • CPI260®
  • Campbell Leadership Index CLI®
  • Benchmarks®
  • Skillscope®
  • CDP® (Conflict Dynamic Profile)
  • CSI® (Change Style Indicator)
  • Work Place Big 5®
  • Insights Discovery®
  • 360byDesign®
  • Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I®)

Some of us also have certification in 4MAT® training design, The Collaboration Game® and in The Organisation Workshop from Power+Systems Inc.

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"To see the energy and enthusiasm that people put into changing processes for the better is incredibly uplifting. In Addition the maturity of the solutions that we see from the workforce everyday and the fact that during coaching sessions there is an absolute understanding of the language and of the need for change we now feel able to move forward at pace. I have complete confidence that the improvements we enjoy are sustainable because they are being driven and owned by the staff unlike the historic short term success lead purely by management and engineering."

Steve Rames, Operations Director, Gent by Honeywell, Leicester UK

Some of our work:

Leading the Organisation - a development programme for G's Group, Cambridgeshire

Bridge Building Success. The Mobinil Leadership Programme, Cairo. Center for Creative Leadership

Success for the latest Post Graduates on the MDS Development Programme

Wilh. Wilhelmsen's Global Leadership Development Programme, Brussels. Designed and delivered by the Center for Creative Leadership EMEA. A team working on the Collaboration Game®

Leadership at the Peak. Davos. Center for Creative Leadership.

Understanding the principles of Business Improvement - MDS Post Graduate Programme.


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