31 Aug 2011

Boundary Spanning Leadership

The biggest challenge facing leaders today is how to span the boundaries that exist in organisations, and between organisations, in order to bring about real added value.  The Boundary Spanning Leadership research carried out by the team at CCL® found that while 86% of leaders interviewed felt this was extremely important, only 7% felt they had the necessary skills to be proficient at spanning boundaries.  The research headed up by Chris Ernst has been used as the basis for the book 'Boundary Spanning Leadership', co authored with Donna Chrobot-Masson. The research has identified 3 stages in the process of spanning boundaries -  Managing Boundaries, Forging Common Ground, and Discovering New Frontiers.  Within each of these there are six essential practices - Buffering,  Reflecting, Connecting, Mobilising, Weaving and Transforming.  More information can be found on the web site: and also on YouTube in the video below:

This research, and the book that is based on it, is a major contribution to helping leaders meet the present and future challenges faced by them in a rapidly changing business environment. 

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